More About Don Allen and Help With Regs October 29, 2013

Don Allen, the man and inspiration behind Help with Regs, values his work because it allows him to focus on “Helping individual organizations get smarter about what they do.” With expertise in both federal and private grant programs and requirements, he takes it upon himself to help clients through the complex regulatory environment of domestic and international grant funding.

Don’s background in navigating grant funding requirements began at Internews, an international independent media organization in Arcata, Calif.  After sixteen years with the organization, he made the decision to branch out on his own and began Help with Regs. His recent work has been with InsideNGO, a group of non-governmental organizations that are working to educate and open conversations between NGOs and private investors.

The goal of the project is two-fold. First, he and a team have been working with InsideNGO to collectively gather statistics that create a picture of the average overhead costs of NGOs. This project can help these organizations see where they can make cost adjustments. With this information, the project also hopes to introduce features of management accounting to NGOs.

The second goal of the project is to better represent the expected overhead costs of non-governmental organizations to private funders. By showing private investors where an organization’s overhead costs lie in comparison to other NGOs, the project aims to ease conversations about funding requirements and relieve questions about overhead cost.

Don Allen’s work branches into many areas in the realm of grant funding for non-governmental organizations. He has an exceptional technical knowledge about the ins and outs of various regulatory environments and an understanding of how grant funded organizations can navigate the world of funding and financing.

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