Jelly! at the Link October 28, 2013

What is a Jelly!?

It’s an unusual name for a casual activity in which a host organizes a meet up for people to gather and work independently, in a shared space. Following a model inspired by a couple of folks in New York City, a Jelly offers a fun and collaborative environment ideal for small business owners, free-lance workers, or anyone who appreciates the opportunity to work around others.

These meet-ups offer a friendly, people filled work environment, while allowing individuals to work on their own personal projects. It has the benefits of independent work  and a social work place. The Link’s Wednesday afternoon Jelly also gives people a chance to try out the Link space – for free.

Anyone who is interested in working in a shared space is invited to partake in this opportunity. Participants should bring their own work, in whatever form suits them (laptop, Trapper Keeper, carpet bag), and the Link provides wireless internet, couches, desks, snacks, and the opportunity to work in a comfortable space among others.

For more information, email us!

For more information about the inspirations behind Jelly, click here.

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