Jared Zystro: Organic Seed Alliance, California Branch July 4, 2013

Organic Seed Alliance is a national non-profit organization and the leading organic seed institution in the United States. “We work closely with organic farmers and other seed professionals to advance the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed.” – Jared Zystro

Organic Seed Alliance, California Branch is . . .

Jared Zystro

Service Offerings and Activities:

  • Plant breeding and variety trial research
  • Train farmers in seed production and plant breeding
  • Work with farmers to identify appropriate varieties through variety trials
  • Advocate for farmers’ rights as seed stewards and for public cultivar development
  • Produce educational publications
  • Host workshops and training
  • Develop new plant varieties for organic agriculture






Learn more about Jared and his work with Organic Seed Alliance here!


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