Greenway Partners July 5, 2013

Greenway Partners is a project development and coordination consultant, providing services for businesses, organizations, agencies and individuals, and enabling projects that provide the most value for their clients.

Greenway Partners is . . .

  • Kirk Cohune
  • Steve Salzman
  • Fawn Scheer
  • Debi Farber-Bush
  • Matt Grosjean
  • Travis Clohessy
  • Cherilyn Neider
  • Christopher Weinstein
  • Melanie Barnett
  • Sara Demtroff

Service Offerings:

  • Project management
  • Civil engineering and design
  • Facilitation and strategic planning
  • Fundraising and fund development
  • Ideation and project development
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Sustainability consulting


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