ProStar Software, Inc. June 25, 2013

With the ability to customize any ERP system, ProStar Software provides solutions for small and large companies that streamline complex business processes and increase efficiencies across the organization. ProStar Software’s philosophy is to continually exceed expectations and they are driven to efficiently adapt every business system to help move that business forward.

ProStar Software, Inc. is . . .

  • Bruce LeBel, CEO
  • Jeff Leinwand, CTO
  • Cathi Peck, Senior Engineer
  • John Nisbet, Services Manager
  • Jerry Hallee, Product Development Sr. Engineer
  • Brian Tawney, Senior Engineer
  • Kevin Durocher, Senior Technical Support Engineer
  • Allegra Searle-LeBel, Director of Strategy & Communications
  • Jana Hennessy, Office Manager, Social Media Maven

 Service Offerings:

  • Automation and coordination of people, processes and systems for your business with cutting edge cloud technology
  • Non-invasive customized solutions to improve your business’ ERP systems and applications
  • Business Process Management Consulting (i.e. tailored solutions, development services, and resource solutions)


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